In Memorium
Flag at half-mast Roy Edward Chambers, Jr. Flag at half-mast
Roy Edward Chambers, Sr.
Sergeant, United States Marine Corps

Highly Decorated Vietnam Veteran
April 16, 1950 - October 22, 2004

It is with great sadness and a deep personal sense of loss that I must sadly announce the loss of the driving force behind the web site.

On the morning of October 22, 2004, my very good friend and fellow Marine Corps veteran, Roy Edward Chambers, Sr., passed away quietly in his sleep at the age of 54.

After years of increasing debilitation, Roy succumbed to the cumulative effects of malaria, the wounds he received while serving in Vietnam and complications resulting from exposure to Agent Orange.

He was severely disabled but continued to be a staunch advocate of veterans rights and a voice for the POW/MIAs of the United States.

Rest well, my friend, your sufferings are over.

Darry L. Deaton
Former Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps.