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Sent: Sunday, September 26, 2004 9:21 PM
Subject: Osama bin Laden

Your website says, Cowboys always get their man. Did you forget that your hero, Bush, has never found the more dangerous Osama bin Laden? I guess either G W Bush isn't a cowboy or he is a failure because he DID NOT get his man this time.

By the way, Sadam Hussein may have been a horrible dictator, but there still have been no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. Therefore, George W. Bush is a liar too. I didn't see LIAR on your list of cowboy attributes.

September 2004
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From: "Roy Chambers" <MuddyBoots@MuddyBoots.Net>
Subject: Osama bin Laden

It's a free Country dude, at least for the present. I can't help but wonder how long it will remain free with attitudes like yours around. It's apparent from your email you don't "sic 'em" about the Marine Corps or the military in general for that matter! Osama Bin Laden's time is coming.

Your ignorance of 3rd world leaders and how they treat their citizens is obvious when you so lightly dismiss Sadam Hussein as, "may have been a horrible dictator." Tell that to the Kurds and the countless bodies in mass graves.

There is a LIAR in this race, and his name is Kerry. He doesn't seem to be able to make up his mind what he wants. I offer you a 'real' life FACT: Flinch in combat and your opponent will sent you straight to hell. Kerry not only flinches, he calls time out to reconsider and then flip-flops. Do that as Commander-in-Chief and the entire country is sent to hell.

You bring up a good issue when you question the WMD. I want to know where they are hidden. We know he had them, the spineless whimps at the UN knows he had them and the remainder of the world leaders knew he had them. If you honestly believe Hussein destroyed them, I have a piece of ocean front property in downtown Baghdad I'd like to sell you!

So feel free to vote for the liar Kerry. The same Kerry who with his treasonous lies to Congress in 1971 prolonged the Vietnam War at least 2 years, delayed the release of the American POWs by at least 4 years and deeply divided this country to the core. A scar that had finally healed over for most until Kerry reopened it with his SORRY Vietnam service record. I'll lay here in this hospital bed proudly displaying my Purple Heart stained by MY blood that HELPED my fellow veterans secure your right to freely cast that vote without a gun pointed to your head or live in fear out of whom you voted for. God help us if he is elected!!


Roy Chambers, Former Sergeant USMC
MuddyBoots Net

After years of increasing debilitation, Roy Chambers succumbed to the cumulative effects of malaria, the wounds he received while serving in Vietnam and complications resulting from exposure to Agent Orange. His passing took place less than a month after the above exchange of email.

Roy was an outspoken champion of the United States, The US Marine Corps, veterans and patriotism. He was often blunt and was formidable in a debate.

He was one of my two best friends, both Marine Corps Vietnam veterans, and is sorely missed.

Darry L. Deaton
Former Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps
Webmaster, MuddyBoots.Net
August 6, 2005

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