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Thanks France

FRANCE - NOW I'm Understanding the Anger!!!

Trying to understand this issue with the French government! I have to admit that I didn't fully understand the anger at the French and I was preoccupied with the many prayer needs.  But now I am heart broken and may never buy another French product.

There are ELEVEN American Cemeteries in France Maintained by the US Government.

Honoring 66,033 Americans Killed Fighting for the French. Here are some photos that are worth sixty-six thousand thirty-three words.

66,033 Americans are Buried or Missing in France. Many thousands more died fighting for France but are buried and honored here in the US.

Thanks France

For the first time, AMERICA was seeking help from France.
but France has turned her back!!!

Please remember these Dead Americans when you go shopping, as the French seem to have forgotten them .

Yea, right, kiss "Ole Sarge's"


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