Happy 229th Birthday, Marines!

Secretary of State Colin Powell was the guest of honor at the Marine Corps' 229th Birthday cake cutting ceremony held on November 10, 2004, in the Treaty Room of the State Department's Harry S Truman building.

Darry Deaton, MuddyBoots.Net's webmaster, was honored as the oldest Marine in attendance.

Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony At Department of State Marine Corps Birthday Cake Cutting Ceremony At Department of State November 10, 2004
Left to right are Willie Tucker (youngest Marine), Darry Deaton (oldest Marine and MuddyBoots.net webmaster),
Assistant Secretary Christopher Burnham, and Secretary Colin Powell.

Under Secretary for Management, Grant Green, was in attendance.

Before the cake cutting, the youngest and oldest Marines in attendance were introduced. We took our places next to the left corner of the serving table.

Then Assistant Secretary of State for Resource Management and Chief Financial Officer, Christopher Burnham (also a Marine), read the Commandant's Birthday letter, cut the cake and served the first 3 pieces.

Traditionally, the first piece of cake goes to the guest of honor, the second piece to the oldest Marine in attendance, and the third piece to the youngest Marine.

As guest of honor, Secretary Powell was served the first piece of cake. The second piece of went to the oldest Marine in attendance (MuddyBoots.Net's webmaster), the third piece was served to the youngest Marine.

First Secretary Powell took a bite of his cake, after which I, as the oldest Marine, took a bite of mine, followed by the youngest Marine. Then Secretary Powell spoke for a short while, mostly anecdotal, about some of his experiences serving with Marines. He is a very good speaker.

After Secretary Powell finished speaking he shook my hand, thanked me for my service and congratulated me for being the oldest Marine. Then Secretary Powell did the same for the youngest Marine.

I regret that my good friend and fellow Marine veteran, Roy Chambers and MuddyBoots.net co-webmaster, passed away before the Marine Corps Birthday. He would have enjoyed seeing the above photo and we both would have enjoyed his giving me a hard time about it.       Darry L. Deaton

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