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Darry L. Deaton           Staff Sergeant, U. S. Marine Corps           Aug. 1959 - Dec. 1968

This website is dedicated to the two people who taught me the real meanings of Love, Honor, Commitment, Patriotism, Duty, Sacrifice, Dignity and Humility; my parents, Brent and Dora. They were married 67 years.

My father passed away on Memorial Day, 30 May 2005. My father was born 19 February 1918. The United States Marine Corps chose his 27th birthday to land on Iwo Jima.

Congratulations to my grandson, Michael. On November 20, 2008, he was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank attainable in the Boy Scouts of America.

In an age when lying, cheating, stealing and drug use have become the norm, it is gratifying to know that there are still some who strive to live the ideals of the Boy Scout Oath and the Boy Scout Law.

"The general is sorry to be informed that the foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing a vice little known heretofore in the American army is growing into fashion. Let the men and officers reflect 'that we can not hope for the blessing of heaven on our army if we insult it by our impiety and folly.'"
-- George Washington

Observation: Makes sense to me.

"The modern definition of a racist:
Someone who is winning an argument with a liberal."
-- Peter Brimelow, Alien Nation (1996)
"The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it."
-- George Washington

Observation: There are very few people of sense and character left in this perverted world.

Military Quote of the Day:
"When I joined the military it was illegal to be homosexual, then it became optional. I'm getting out before it becomes mandatory."

General J. Wickam, U S Army, Retired

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United States Marine Corps
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The Marines' Hymn declares that they have fought "from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli," referring to exploits by the United States Marine Corps in the Mexican War (1846-1848) and in campaigns against the Barbary pirates of North Africa (Tripolitan War, 1801-1805).   During the years of their history, United States Marines have seen combat in all parts of the world and have been at the forefront of danger in every war the United States has fought with other nations.
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For all you Gyrenes, Devil Dogs, Leathernecks, Jarheads, and Wannabees. (active, inactive, unactive, reactive, reserve, retired, and just plain tired) Your host is a member of the "Just Plain Tired" component.
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With heartfelt thanks to all the U. S. Navy Corpsman, Doctors, Nurses, and Chaplains who have served, and continue to serve, with the Marines.

I have been reminded that I "...forgot the guys who paved the way for your tired feet...The SEABEES".   Sorry about that. Thank you, SeaBees.   (But I can't help wondering who secured the ground the SeaBees build the roads on. <grin>)

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This Month's History Lesson, the Marine Corps Way.
(A calendar of historic events focusing primarily on the United States Marine Corps)
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Latest Weapon in the Marine Corps' Austerity Arsenal

For God and Country
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Dedicated to all who have served and supported their country in war and in peace.   Especially to those who gave their lives for their country.
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American Flag Page
I Am Old Glory
O Flag of our Union
What Old Glory Means
Outstanding!   Don't miss it.
One Marine's tribute to the Flag.
19th century poem.
Al Quinn's Tribute.
For God
and Country
Veterans Support Information
Pictorial Tribute To Veterans

Personal and Other
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Where I'm From Except for a short time in California and a few years on a farm in the Panhandle of Texas near Lariat, I lived in New Mexico until enlisting in the U. S. Marine Corps in August, 1959.
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Where I Live I have lived in Maryland since being transferred to Headquarters, U. S. Marine Corps, in 1965.
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Civil Air Patrol
I was a Cadet Member of the New Mexico Wing of the Civil Air Patrol from the age of 14 until I enlisted in the Marine Corps shortly before my 21st birthday. Those years were busy, enjoyable years. I attended the Congressional Dinner in 1956, the International Air Cadet Exchange in 1956, and the Jet Orientation Course in 1957. My Certificate of Proficiency, received in 1954, contains the signatures of Nathan Twining, USAF Chief of Staff, and Walter R. Agee, CAP National Commander.
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I was a member of Mensa for more than 30 years (from August 1972 through March 2005) but had to decline membership renewal in 2005.

Mensa's annual membership fees are now higher than the budget of this 66 year old disabled veteran can accommodate.

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I'm Not Politically Correct   Snoopy Gives Jane Fonda The Finger   Hanoi Jane, traitoress   I'm a rebel
Get us out of the UN
Republican - Because Not Everyone Can Be On Welfare
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Support the Boy
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Scouts of America
  Just say
No Way United Way
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The 10 Commandments
To God Be The Glory
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The ACLU Sucks
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