Freedom Bird

Great Freedom Bird, climbing so fast,
Leaving this war torn land at last.
With silver wings shining so bright,
Screaming up into the morning light.
Taking home the happy ones who fought,
And long this one last ride have sought..

But think again of those left behind,
Or those who sudden death will find.
For those you see, Great Freedom Bird,
The captain's voice will not be heard.
So tip your silver wings to either side,
For those who will never take this ride.

Then once more, before the clouds you meet,
Think of the poor souls, the enemy keep.
For they, lost men, know not when,
They'll ride yours wings into the wind.
So carry on your load of human life,
But, show pity for the weeping wife.

So Great Freedom Bird fading out of sight,
Seem not so proud in your long, long flight.
For every long mile that you shall fly,
Somewhere, a poor lonely G.I. will die.
And he, through no fault of his own,
Will never take your long flight home.

Ken Harrington (69)

War torn South Vietnam

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