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Hey GuysThis Is NO JOKE!!Just a friendly warning from a fellow combat Vet. ( USMC, I Corps, 68 - 69 ) If you are a Vietnam Vet that still has problems coping with your combat experiences, PLEASE LEAVE NOW!! These links contain all types of explicit graphical presentations of Vietnam, both past and present. Through them you can link so far into Vietnam Cyber-Space that you will find yourself asking the old "Nam" question, "Where the hell are we now and how the hell did we get here?". So if you are one of those that still has the nightmares, flashbacks, etc., PLEASE LEAVE NOW! I've been there; Done that; Got the Hat & the Shirt; Wore 'em both out several times.

A Fellow Vet.


Links to Web Sites

From this list of links you should be able to find any information you want about the Vietnam War.

Freedom Bird

Semper Fi, Mac!

Fire Base Houston

Vietnam Veterans' Home Page

Veterans for Honesty

Americal Division Home Page

Vietman Veterans War Memorial, D.C.

Vietnam Veteran Memorials Around The World

DAV Vietnam Veterans Memorial (Angel Fire, NM)

Assorted Veterans' Links

Baudo's Vet Links

Yahoo's Military

Yahoo's Military Vietnam

U.S. Goverment and Veterans Issues

U.S. Government and Veterans Issues Page
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Page

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