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Following the death of the VSI webmaster on 22 Oct 2004,
the co-founder and webmaster of MuddyBoots.net
has assumed ownership and maintenance of the VSI web site.
Updates and new content will be slow in coming due
to the extreme workload of the webmaster.

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National Guard empty cell As of 27 February 2003:
168,083 Reservists have been called to active duty.
This constitutes the largest call up of troops since WWII.

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No matter what religion you have had the freedom to choose, please take a moment to ask the God of your chosen faith to bless and protect the young men and women of our armed forces, as they once again prepare to willingly march into harms way to defend your freedom of choice.

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As can be clearly seen, the VSI pages are under heavy re-construction! Please pardon my dust! I know many links have been broken in this process. Those links will be repaired, as well as many new links added in the coming few days/weeks! Over the past 8 years new links and a few new on site pages have been added to the VSI. This total re-construction is intended to bring the site up to date, while at the same time making the site more user friendly. A complete history page, along with a "How-To" use this site, are but two small sample planned additions. As usual, your comments and input are welcome. Something you would like to see added to the site? Email me and I will try to accommodate.
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Site Administrator & Site Owner
Roy Chambers

Roy passed away on October 22, 2004.
I will do my best to continue this site in the fashion that Roy wanted.
Site Administrator & Site Owner
Darry Deaton
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Watch here for additions to the site.

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Veterans information bulletins covering Medical Care, Medical Supplements, and much more may be found at
James Tichacek's Veterans Information Bulletins.

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